Friday, May 27, 2011

Research Questions

Key issues explored through this study can be broadly classified as follows:

Terminology/Definitions and Methodologies
  • Challenges associated with definitions and terminologies
  • Given the persistent lack of data and frequent questions raised on often quoted estimates, what are the factors that constrain the collection of data for climate change induced migration?
  • What are methodological approaches that have been employed so far in the literature; what are the learning’s and new challenges that have emerged?
Conceptualizing Climate Change Migration
  • How climate change is an additional driver for an already existing migration behavior and how it may induce new trends
  • What are the primary and secondary drivers behind the decision to migrate and what are the inter and cross linkages between them
  • What is that threshold that makes migration a considered option; whether it is forced or a voluntary option?
  • How is a migration destination selected and what are the factors that guide these choices
  • What are the specific issues and concerns related to different types of movements in time and space: like permanent, seasonal, internal , trans-boundary etc ?
  • Why do some communities choose migration while some adapt in other ways; what are the push and pull factors; is it seasonal or temporary  or permanent
  • What are the implications for adaptive capacity of source and receiving communities; livelihoods; entitlement to natural, economic and social capital; human security etc? 
Contextualizing Climate Change Migration
  • Physical: understanding the role of geographic and climate attributes in inducing migration.
  • Environmental: Climate change itself does not displace or move people from one place to another; instead it produces environmental effects and exacerbates current vulnerabilities that make it difficult for people to survive where they are. The study will aim to explore this nexus by understanding the impacts of environmental and climate change on migration
  • Social: role of social capital w.r.t kin structure, community networks, local institutions, livelihood opportunities etc. in influencing  the decision to migrate or stay
  • Cultural: understanding the role of cultural factors, lifestyle, identity elements, ethnicity etc.  in the decision to move or stay
  • Economic: how does economic status and climate change impact on livelihoods pre-dispose some groups to migration
  • Political:  What are the different international and political issues; how are the governments, governance structures, legal and institutional frameworks, international bodies like the UNFCCC prepared to address the implications and process of climate change induced migration

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