Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Climate Induced Migration from Bangladesh to India

New article published

Climate Induced Migration from Bangladesh to India: Issues and Challenges

Architesh Panda*


Environmental crisis along with the increasing impacts of climate change in Bangladesh has become an important cause of cross-border migration to India. Such movement of population in Indo-Bangladesh context will generate a range of destabilizing socio-political, economic and environmental impacts in future. This paper focuses on climate variability and changes as a reason for the continued migration of people from Bangladesh to India and attempts to understand the vulnerability of people using the concepts of nested vulnerability. This paper argues that the vulnerability of specific individuals and communities is not geographically bounded but, rather, is connected at different scales. Among the many causes of vulnerability of people, cross border migration due to climate change might increase the susceptibility of people to climate change in both the countries. Without adequate bilateral and multilateral institutional arrangements in place to protect of climate migrants, it will pose greater risks to India.

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