Thursday, October 6, 2011

Afghan climate refugees or not?

Will people migrate as a result of Afghanistan's drought? See which fortunately does not try to invoke climate change or frame the situation as being the harbinger to come of "climate (change) refugees".

Instead, the article nicely describes the various factors such as "Lower harvests due to drought, and rising food prices world-wide". Root causes are also hinted at, in terms of "The Taliban and other insurgents have been making strong gains in recent years in the drought-affected areas, particularly in the north-east, which is likely to affect the delivery of food supplies to those who need them".

Perhaps many Afghans will migrate as a result of the drought. But let's not be too quick to blame climate change or to call them "climate (change) refugees". Fortunately, the BBC's reporting does not do so. More media work of this nature would reduce the rhetoric and inaccuracies surrounding the topic.

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